Vision, values & story

Culture24 is an independent charity that brings arts and heritage organisations closer to audiences.

In April 2018 we joined the Arts Council National Portfolio as a Sector Support Organisation (SSO).

Our vision is for a thriving and relevant cultural sector able to connect meaningfully with audiences of today. Our mission is to support arts & heritage organisations to have the confidence, imagination and skills to make this happen.

Our values: Culture24 is an independent charity that brings arts and heritage organisations closer to audiences. We challenge outdated notions of what arts and heritage organisations are and offer new ways of working through our unique brand of action research, digital publications, festivals and events. We lead the sector in developing the necessary skills and literacies to use digital as a force for positive change, building resilience and capacity.

Our ethos is based on learning together, learning from others and learning by doing. We help arts and heritage organisations listen to, understand and respond to changing audience needs and cultures. We bring organisations together to do things they couldn’t do on their own, create shared opportunities and overcome shared problems together. We champion creative ways to help them exploit their assets and make the necessary strategic and practical changes to create value for the widest possible audience.

Our History: Culture24 began life as the 24 Hour Museum, publishing the website of the same name.  This original website, set up to be the ‘National virtual museum’ was launched by the then Secretary of State Chris Smith in May 1999 and under the guidance of DCMS became an independent charity in April 2001 with Loyd Grossman as its Chairman.

Our journey: Since then we have we developed into a knowledge organisation, able to lead thinking in our sector around digital tactics, understanding and literacies.  We now employ 8 full time members of staff alongside a host of freelancers, volunteer writers and interns. and have evolved to host a sophisticated platform for online publishing, data aggregation and sharing.

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