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Museums cherish younger visitors and create plenty of digital content with children aged 7-12 in mind. Show Me gathers up this mix of collection objects, games, videos and stories for kids and their teachers, all in one (safe!) place.

screenshot of website showing articles and content for children

Aside from visiting a museum, what’s the next best thing for a child or their class? Well, in terms of both education and entertainment, it could be a visit to

Culture24’s children’s website is packed with online activities for kids, where they learn about anything from dinosaur skulls to rare jewels, via gorillas, Pop Art and universal suffrage!

While they dive in, parents and teachers can be sure they are safe and actively interested. Especially if you direct them to one of our crafty and creative ideas for things to do offline.

We’ve always known that kids and museums were made for one another. That’s why we made this site to bring them closer together and expand the experience of an exciting day out.

If you’d like us to feature your museum’s collections, games or video content please get in touch. If you’d like us to feature your museum and your family-friendly listings as a ‘Place to go’ you can do so via our DDE listings database.

Show Me was funded by Arts Council England.

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