Culture24 is developing a new museum Lates festival.

This page gives an overview: full information on how to take part will be coming soon.

Hanging lanterns

Lanterns (c) Krissia Cruz for Unsplash

Otherworld is the new festival of night-time events, Lates, in museums, galleries and historic houses, brought to market by independent charity Culture24.  The first edition will take place on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 September 2019, in 50 venues across 6 areas in London. Our ambition is for the festival to grow across London in years to come and spread to other cities and towns in the UK and internationally.

Otherworld is a game-changer for the museum and gallery sector. A world-class showcase moment delivering social value through a sustainable night-time festival model. Launching in London and scaleable to fit almost any size town or city, the business has substantial scope to expand and develop.

Our vision for Otherworld is to inspire new generations to fall in love with museums by turning audiences’ expectations of what museums are like, and who they are for, upside-down, creating new social value for audiences, communities, and venues. We will harness the collective power of participating venues to reach more people than Lates have ever done before – the positive social impact and outcomes will be felt by all the communities that participating museums serve.

Meet the friends of Otherworld contributing their expertise to help the festival achieve its vision.

What’s special about this festival?

  • Paid-for wristband tickets will give access to every event on a participant’s chosen night(s)
  • Participants can move around one circuit or travel to venues in any area
  • Programming will be co-created with 18-30 year olds and feature a range of creative talent

What are the benefits for participating venues?

  • Expanding your audiences
  • Receiving a proportion of ticket revenue, according to venue size
  • Building partnerships with local organisations
  • Developing capacity for your regular Lates programme
  • Being part of an exciting new initiative


If your London-based cultural venue is interested in participating in Otherworld, please complete this short form.

Producers and artists

If you are a producer or artist keen to get involved in Otherworld, please contact Nick.

Audience Advisors

If you are aged 18-30 and live in London, you could help shape the festival. Learn more.


If you would like to explore ways to partner with Otherworld, please email Nick. We are currently seeking sponsorship, media and marketing partners.

More about lates.