Otherworld Audience Advisors

Calling young Londoners: help to shape the new festival of night-time cultural events.

What is Otherworld?

Otherworld is a new festival of night-time events – Lates – at museums, galleries and historic houses. The two-night festival will launch in London on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 September 2019.

Otherworld aims to inspire new generations to fall in love with museums by turning expectations of what museums are like, and who they are for, upside-down.

The festival will involve creative programming at 50 venues across 6 areas of London that will give a platform for other voices, other views and other ways of doing things. It will match spoken word artists, musicians, performers, comics, DJs, gamers and more with iconic and unusual venues across the city.

What will the Otherworld Audience Advisors do?

We will establish a group of 10 people aged 18-30, living in London, to help shape the festival. The purpose of these Audience Advisors is to ensure that the festival is created with and for its target audience – young Londoners and their communities.

Supported by Culture24, this group will contribute to key decisions during the planning process. It will be a space to share your views, ideas and suggestions – from what you’d like to see at festival events to how you’d prefer to buy tickets.

Being an Otherworld Audience Advisor is an 8-month voluntary commitment from January 2018 – September 2019. During this time you would attend a minimum of five meetings, with discussion focused on key areas of festival planning and evaluation.

What’s in it for you?

Being an Otherworld Audience Advisor is a practical opportunity to:

  • Contribute to an exciting new project involving cultural organisations across London
  • Shape key decisions
  • Learn how a festival is produced
  • Develop your communication and teamwork skills
  • Build relationships with arts professionals and creatives

Culture24’s commitment to you:

We will:

  • Shape the way the group works to suit you, being flexible about your involvement and nurturing your interests if you want to get more deeply involved
  • Make it easy for you to attend meetings by covering your travel expenses
  • Hold meetings in a nice location at a time that suits the group
  • Feed and water you at the meetings
  • Give you and three of your friends tickets to attend the festival
  • Show our appreciation by profiling you on the Otherworld website (if you would like that)

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a group that can represent the diversity of London’s 18-30 year olds, including:

  • A good spread of ages between 18-30
  • A balanced mix of gender identities
  • A range of backgrounds and ethnicities
  • People who already engage in cultural events and those that don’t

Want to apply?

Please email Nick if you are interested in applying

More about lates.