Let’s Get Real 10 Years On: How to evaluate online success


Covid-19 update – while things remain challenging we’re watching, waiting and planning and will keep you posted as to any changes. For now, we are hopeful that this programme will go ahead as planned.

2020 is the 10th anniversary of Let’s Get Real and this year we are revisiting the theme of the first phase ‘How to evaluate online success’. In the last ten years this first report has been downloaded nearly 24,000 times, so we know it is still an important question that the sector often struggles to answer.

Tape measure and labels spelling out Let's Get Real 10 Years On

We are looking for a group of up to 18 organisations who will come together to consider this question and to test out practical, small-scale and supported interventions in your existing digital channels that will help you think about what success really means for you.

Over the eight months of the project we will check in on fundamental issues such as: how to set up and use analytics tools, how to interpret that data and act on it, how to ensure digital activities map to your core values and how to work in an integrated way across your organisation.

In addition, we will consider more nuanced issues such as: the role of values-led digital practice, how we understand success beyond the numbers, our responsibilities regarding the ethics of the digital world, the importance of digitally literate leadership and your organisation’s digital capacity.  

Partnering with us for this Let’s Get Real is expert digital analyst and user researcher Chris Unitt. Chris will be supporting all of the full-day workshops as well as the individual mentoring in between. We will also be drawing on the expertise of the original cohort from ten years ago to reflect on the changes, challenges and developments over the last decade.

We are pleased to have National Gallery X, a partnership project from the National Gallery and King’s College London, as our host organisation, and all workshops will take place in their new NGX ‘infinite studio’ in London.