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Our research into Lates is the first of its kind. We are at the forefront of after-hours developments in museums and galleries.

In 2018 Culture24 published a three-part study into museum and gallery Lates and their role in the night-time economy.

A Culture of Lates highlights the scale of after-hours openings and events in the UK. The report reveals why venues do, and don’t, open after hours; what kinds of events they offer; and where the hot and cold spots are. It considers how Lates can help UK towns and cities provide more diverse evening cultural activities. The report was funded by Arts Council England.

An International Culture of Lates shares a wider perspective on night-time culture in Mexico City, Melbourne, Sydney and Moscow. The report was supported by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

Late Like a Local, sponsored by Airbnb, looks at museum Lates’ contribution to cultural tourism.

The reports conclude that if UK Lates are supported by night-time economy policymakers they could generate £7.7m over the next five years, on top of the £9.6m already earned in ticket sales.


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A Culture of Lates

An International Culture of Lates

Late Like A Local

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