Building digital capacity across the cultural sector


The Audience Agency, Collections Trust and Culture24 are three national sector support organisations working together to help arts and heritage organisations build their digital capacity and embrace digital change, tactics and practices. Each brings its own focus to this wide-ranging task and are offering free services to your museum thanks to funding from Arts Council England:

  • The Audience Agency uses data to help you understand your current and potential audiences, their needs and behaviours, in the physical and digital worlds. The national Audience Finder programme provides extensive data insights and supports organisations to develop effective, multi-layered engagement strategies. .
  • Collections Trust focus on the raw material of museum online activity: collections and the information that gives them meaning. They recommend a pragmatic approach to digital collections based on common standards and common sense. Digital isn’t different.
  • Culture24 helps arts and heritage organisations to develop the necessary digital literacy, skills and confidence to use digital as a force for positive change and to understand and respond to changing audience needs and cultures. We can help you develop creative ways to exploit your assets online and make the strategic and practical changes to create value for audiences.

We all know that each museum is at a different stage in its digital development, and each is likely to have a different set of priorities. Each of our agencies offers different solutions which can respond to an organisation’s specific needs and the needs of thier senior team:

  • Help reviewing collections digitisation priorities
  • Help planning to improve the completeness and quality of collections information needed to support use of digital collections
  • Using visitor insight to create or strengthen your audience development plan
  • Measuring a range of impacts using Audience Finder and other data
  • Understanding what digitally literate museum leadership looks like
  • Building digital skills, literacy and capacity across your organisation

We are able to offer a number of free sessions to NPO museums thanks to our Arts Council England funding. Sessions will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

If you are interested or have any questions, please email Culture24’s CEO Jane Finnis on Jane [@]

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