Ambition & business plan

What long term change do we want to make?

Culture24’s ambition is to create a step change in museums’ understanding of digital by working with individual museum professionals, building their skills and supporting them to become agents of change.

For excellence to thrive and be celebrated and for cultural organisations to deliver great art and culture, twenty-first century sector professionals and practitioners need to understand how to best leverage and exploit the potential of digital technologies to help create, inspire, inform, enable, conserve, amplify, distribute and evaluate their work.

It is critical that organisations and individuals working in the arts and cultural sectors become more digitally literate. They need an awareness of best practice in using digital technologies and they need to understand which digital skills, tools and channels best suit their task in hand. They also need a ready supply of fresh ideas, new thinking and inspirational thought leadership.

By building on our links with the right people and organisations within our strategic sector networks and beyond we will foster engagement, disseminate knowledge, maximise impact and add value to our activities over the next four years.

Download and read our three year Business Plan 2018-2022. 

Read an overview of our 4 year plans as a new Sector Support Organisation (SSO). 

Our specific aims over this four year period are:

ONE: Leading strategic thinking

Understand the changing digital environment, translating opportunities back to arts and heritage organisations to help them become more resilient, responsive and relevant to audiences.

TWO: Building digital understanding, skills and confidence

Create a step change in cultural organisations’ digital capacity by working with individual cultural professionals, building their understanding, skills and supporting them to become agents of change.

THREE: Creating a relevant online cultural offer for audiences

Grow, broaden and deepen the online audiences for culture through compelling online products and services.

FOUR: Nurturing a Culture of Lates

Unlock the potential capacity of Lates programming to drive profound changes in museums’ public engagement models.

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