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Our DDE database contains thousands of UK visual arts and heritage organisations, and their event and exhibition listings.

If you already have a user account and know your login details you can access the DDE here:

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If you work for a museum, gallery or heritage site there’s a very good chance your venue is listed in our database already. To find out, you can browse the to do section on our Museum Crush website or get in touch and ask.

Information in the database is generated and maintained by staff and volunteers working at the venues. If your information is out of date then you are able to log in and change this yourself.

If you don’t yet have a user account but need access to the database to update your venue page or listings, please fill in this form to request one.

If your venue does not appear in the database yet then you can ask to be added to the network by filling in this form. To be eligible to be added, your organisation must be a visual arts or heritage organisation based in the UK, operate on a not-for-profit basis, and be open for the public to visit.

If you’ve forgotten your log in details, are not sure if you’re eligible to join the network, or have any other questions at all then please get in touch – email Digital Product Coordinator Kate McNab.

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