Data sharing

Culture24 are experts at collecting, enhancing and publishing information from and about UK museums, galleries, archives and other cultural venues.

We have been doing this for over a decade and as a result we now manage the world’s most comprehensive, current and high quality set of information about UK arts and heritage venues.

Produced through our network of over 5,000 arts and heritage organisations and refined and enhanced by expert staff, our data is packed with all you would ever want to know about places to go, the latest listings, top-notch resources and a rich stream of our own editorial – news, features and reviews.  All updated daily!

We believe that by sharing this information openly and for free with a range of partners, more people will get a chance to engage with the arts and heritage.

Partners we share information with include major media outlets like the BBC, tourism services, such as Visit London, and a host of creative companies serving the public, education or cultural sectors with new and exciting websites and apps.

What’s on offer? 

We currently share a bit of everything – whether it has come from arts and heritage organisations directly or has been written by Culture24 staff or volunteers.

This includes details on each venue’s location, facilities, services and collections, as well as their listings, events, exhibitions and learning and other resources.

The information is ‘tagged’ by things like location and topic, so that it’s very easy to create many great services for different purposes, all from the one great set of arts and heritage information that Culture24 manages.

For example new and exciting services can be created for different audiences, such as families or a particular age-group; by places, such as a region or city, or by topics, such as science, technology or the arts.

Here’s where to find out more: 

Data sharing – technical overview (including info on our amazing API)

Want your data to be part of the offer? If you work for a cultural organisation and don’t yet enter your information into the Culture24 DDE database or can’t find your log-in details here’s how to get started.

Campaign support

There are many ways in which Culture24 can support national, local and regional campaigns. These include – communication with the cultural sector; editorial commissions; event registrations and aggregation and data sharing.

Sector communications: Our monthly network newsletter goes out to over 4,000 cultural sector professionals. We can include brief features and links about your campaign or marketing initiative to tell museums, galleries, libraries, archives and heritage sites about upcoming campaigns.

Editorial: Our team of qualified journalists can write news, features, interviews and other articles about your campaign. We can develop a range of editorial formats and responses and ahre them on a rnage of social networks.

Event registration: Our database can be used to register and aggregate events, exhibitions or resources, which can be tagged to your campaign title and then shared through RSS, SOAP or OAI feeds. These listings can be used to populate your website.

Datasharing: At Culture24 we’ve been collecting and publishing information from and about UK museums, galleries, archives and other cultural venues for over ten years. Our database is packed with all you would ever need to know about places to go, the latest listings, top-notch resources and lots more.

Cost of campaign support: Our charges vary according to the scale and nature of your campaign and your organisation. As we use our existing aggregation and publishing infrastructure we are able to support arts and heritage-related initiatives at extremely competitive rates.

Some examples of campaigns and initiatives we support:

BBC’s Things to Do

Museums at Night

Past campaigns include: Their Past Your Future, Parliament Week 2012, Cultural Olympiad, Engaging Places, Festival of British Archaeology and Understanding British Portraits Network