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Culture24 is a partner in an exciting European project that will enable and promote greater re-use of cultural heritage resources by Europe’s creative industries. The project sets out to demonstrate that Europeana can facilitate the creative re-use of digital cultural heritage content and associated metadata.

Culture24 will be applying the cultural tourism knowledge developed from our leadership of the Europeana Awareness project as well as our wealth of experience of working with a broad range of partners and stakeholders, in order to advise on the development of a pilot application called VanGoYourself.

The project is lead by the Austrian National Library in Vienna and involves 26 partners from diverse backgrounds in 14 European countries. These include content-providing institutions with world-famous collections, creative industry hubs and organisations, the tourism and education sectors, living labs, software developers and multimedia experts, as well as think tanks.

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Members of the Europeana Creative project VanGoing themselves at the all staff meeting in Brighton in 2015

Tired of just looking at paintings? Now it’s time to get inside them and to discover art in a whole new way with VanGoYourself. 

VanGoYourself  is designed to help you to rediscover and engage in classic paintings from around the world in a new way. It allows you to recreate classic scenes from some of world’s most famous paintings in a contemporary setting, which you can then share with your friends on social media.

You can read more VanGoYourself here.

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