Let’s Get Real 6: Understanding the social purpose of digital technology for arts and heritage organisations

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Culture24, in partnership with the Happy Museum Project64 Million Artists and Battersea Arts Centre, is working with 18 diverse arts and heritage organisations to better understand the social purpose of digital technologies for arts and heritage organisations. 


Who is participating?

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The 18 participating organisations are:


Beauty and Utility Arts

Bristol Culture

Chester Zoo

Ditchling Museum of Art & Craft

Heritage Open Days

M&S Archive

National Gallery

National Museum Wales

Pallant House Gallery

Plymouth Museums Galleries Archives

Reading Museum & Museum of English Rural Life

Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Tameside Cultural Services


Wandsworth Museum (Battersea Arts Centre)

Wellcome Collection

What will LGR6 focus on?

LGR6 wants to understand the social purpose of digital technologies for arts and heritage organisations. The specific question we are focussing on is: How can arts and heritage organisations use digital culture, content and technologies to foster active citizenship and cultural democracy, for and with their communities, to achieve relevant social purpose?

This explores the overlaps between recent work and discussions that reflects on cultural organisations’ purpose in a changing society, particularly the evolving nature of their civic role, and the significant work being undertaken by cultural organisations to adopt strong strategic digital practices.

These two areas of focus explore how cultural organisations need to change in response to an evolving environment. Yet both appear to be taking place separately, with different groups of professionals responding to separate agendas. We believe there is much that connects these two areas, particularly as the very nature of society is changing because of digital culture. Other sectors are urgently exploring the role of digital technology for social good and LGR6 will consider how the cultural sector can begin to understand and forge new connections to help support their work.

When is the project taking place?

The project runs from January 2018 to October 2018, with key findings being shared with the sector at the end of the project.

How is LGR6 structured?

The project is structured around established Let’s Get Real objectives and methodologies – to nurture personal confidence, build organisational capacity and develop a shared understanding for the sector. It does this by promoting learning from others, learning by doing and learning together. You can read more about the Let’s Get Real approach here.

The project structure includes:

* Four full day collaborative workshops (all hosted by Battersea Arts Centre)

* Four supported research phases taking place between workshops in each participant’s own organisations

* Virtual mentoring sessions with appropriate experts from Culture24, Happy Museum Project, 64 Million Artists and selected individuals from inside and outside the sector

* Ongoing online collaboration across the peer group via Basecamp

Find out more 

Download and read the thinking behind the project and the LGR approach.

Read about why we think this is an important area in this blog post by our Research Manager Sejul Malde.

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If you have any questions about the project please contact Sejul Malde on sejul@culture24.org.uk or 01273 523989.