Let’s Get Real action research

Culture24 has been leading a series of dynamic, collaborative action research projects since 2010 with a range of cultural sector organisations in the UK to help them understand digital change and build digital capacity. Each phase brings together 25/30 cultural organisations to consider issues such as: How can we get better at reaching and engaging young audiences with their digital content?  Is your content fit for purpose? Understanding and measuring digital engagement.

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Seb Chan: Masterclass & Crit Room 

ACMI chief experience officer Seb Chan

Monday June 5th 2017, 2pm to 6pm at the Digital Catapult, London
Internationally recognised museums sector digital revolutionary, Seb Chan, will be appearing at this very special Culture24 event in London.

£39 plus VAT – BOOK NOW  (price includes wine/beer/drinks and nibbles)


Engaging children and young people online


Our Content Director, Anra Kennedy, has written about the challenges cultural organisations face in this area and the research our first ‘Young Audiences’ group undertook.


Let’s Get Real 5: What’s the brand? (July 16 to Feb 17)

The LGR5 group

Culture24 is working with 10 arts or heritage organisations on our next collaborative action research project looking at building your brand digitally. Based in the UK? Read all about the UK version. 

Based in North America?  Find out about the version for North American organisations and how to sign up


Download the Phase 4 report

LGR4 report voerPublished in May 2016

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Download the Phase 3 report

LGR3 report cover Published in February 2015 - LGR3 ‘Is your content fit for purpose?’ Before you download, please consider making a small contribution of £5 so we can invest in more research like this and help more arts and heritage organisations.

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2. Download a PDF version of the report by filling in this form.

Download the Phase 2 report

Published in September 2014 - LGR2 ‘A journey towards understanding and measuring digital engagement’ Before you download, please consider making a small contribution of £5 so we can invest in more research like this and help more arts and heritage organisations.

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2. Download a PDF version of the report by filling in this form.

Download the Phase 1 report

LGR report cover Published in January 2012 LGR1 ‘How to evaluate success online?’ 

Pdf versions of the report are available in colour and black and white.

Extremely useful (free) resources to help you deal with digital change

We have created an overview of some of the good stuff that is out there and funded by the lovely people at Arts Council England, that helps cultural organisations deal with Digital Change - the page is packed with links to some really useful free resources, links to projects that support cultural organisations, info on meets ups (real and virtual) and a blogroll of some of the best from the sector.


Phase 4  (completed in May 2016) 

For Phase 4 of Culture24’s dynamic collaborative action research project we looked at breaking down boundaries in the way we work and the way we make things for our audiences. Read full details of the project and find out who are the 27 organisations involved 

Phase 4 provided a space for participants to step outside of the day-to-day pressures and demands of daily workloads and develop a more coherent approach to online publishing that is part of a broader narrative for organisations and supports the linking up of different assets, people and areas of expertise.  Ideas, working methods, tools and tactics will be introduced by a range of experts and then supported through an individual research experiment to determine what to change and how to change it.


Phase 3  (completed in November 2014) 

Phase 3 of Culture24’s Lets Get Real action research project focused on the key question – Is your content fit for purpose? Read full details of the project and find out who are the 33 organisations involved The project helped the participants to get better at using digital tactics and building their own digital capacity, bit by bit, from inside their organisation. It acknowledged that we all need to be better at understanding changing audience behaviours and to re-evaluate our current use of digital tactics - to be really honest about what works and what doesn’t. Culture24 worked with a brilliant group of 33 arts and heritage organisations on Let’s Get Real Phase 3 who all recognise these issues and want to work with like-minded colleagues to learn, explore and test ideas to improve our success.

Phase 2 (completed in June 2013)

The second phase of the action research took place between July 2012 and June 2013. It  involved 22 participating cultural organisations and explored what digital engagement could mean for each of them. The final report from this project  ‘A journey towards understanding and measuring digital engagement’ tells the story of this journey for the 22 project partners. It was published at our ‘Let’s Get Real: An honest look at digital change’ conference in Brighton on 16th September 2013. The report’s recommendations provide invaluable insights and are a snapshot of the wider struggle the cultural sector faces to significantly improve its digital services. The Social Media Framework - a framework that summarises the relevant social media measurement methodologies, metrics and tools, based on specific strategic objectives. Social media tools comparison – a comparison of the tools identified during the project that can be used to track different social media channels.

Phase 1 (completed in 2011)

The first phase of this project was called ‘How to evaluate success online?’ and took place from June 2010 to September 2011. The final report, called ‘Let’s Get Real’, details the methodology, research and key findings. It was published in September 2011 at our conference of the same name in Bristol. The publication of this report was very timely, with cuts across all areas of our cultural life affecting almost every museum, gallery, arts organisation, library, local authority and government department.   We hoped the publication would kick-start a dramatic shift in the way we all plan, invest and collaborate on the development of both the current and next generations of digital cultural activities.