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A quick and easy guide to getting started with Culture24′s DDE system.

Joining Culture24′s Direct Data Entry (DDE) network of cultural organisations enables you to update your organisation’s profile and add information on your facilities, services, exhibitions, events, collections and resources.

If you’re not yet signed up to DDE, you need to tell us a bit more about yourself to join the network – go to this simple online sign up form to register.

Already using DDE and know your log-in details? Here’s the link to the DDE dashboard, off you go!

If you’re already signed up to DDE, but have forgotten your user name or password, no problem – simply head to the DDE dashboard and follow the clear instructions to be reminded. If you are still having problems email us at dde@culture24.org.uk and we’ll help you.

Not sure if your organisation is using DDE yet? Search the www.culture24.org.uk website to find out if you have a profile page.

If you’re having any difficulties using the DDE system, our FAQs might be able to help.

Please agree to our DDE terms and conditions in order to use the system.

Information, news and updates: 

If you’d simply like to be kept up to date with what we’re doing, you can sign up for our free network newsletter.

If you have any further questions at all about getting your profile, listings and resources on Culture24 contact Kate McNab kate@culture24.org.uk