DDE – frequently asked questions

Got a question about or a problem with the Culture24 DDE (Direct Data Entry) system? We might be able to save you time and trouble with our handy FAQs.

If your question isn’t answered below, we’re more than happy to help you get it sorted. Just email our network and listings coordinator, Kate McNab – kate@culture24.org.uk.

My organisation’s details need updating. How do I go about it?

All the information on Culture24 and in our database about organisations is added by those organisations themselves, using our Direct Data Entry (DDE) system. So, to get your information changed, you just need to register as a user and then you can make any changes or additions you like.

How do I access DDE?

Log in to the DDE dashboard here.

How do I register as a DDE user?

Your venue or organisation needs to be listed on our DDE system and once it is, you can apply to us for a username and password for you personally, to update that listing.

We do our very best to make sure we have the most comprehensive information we can get, so the chances are, your organisation is already on the DDE system. To find out, head over to our Culture24 website, type in the name of your organisation in quotes e.g. “Museum of Everything” and see if it comes up.

If it does, you simply need your personal username and password to access your details and add exhibitions, events, resources. Email dde@culture24.org.uk and we can remind you of your username and password details.

If your venue doesn’t show up on the Culture24 website and needs to be listed first, you can apply to list your venue and register yourself here.

Who can join?

Public-facing, non-profit or publicly funded museums, galleries, libraries, archives, artists’ studios, science centres, heritage sites, historic houses, archaeological centres and culturally focussed associations and campaigns are all eligible to be part of our network.

What are your terms and conditions?

They’re short and simple, read them here.

I have forgotten my password.

We now have an automated password reminder service, which is linked from the Culture24 user dashboard.

If the system doesn’t recognise you, it probably means you need a new username, email us and we will help you out.

I have activated my account but I cannot log in.

The most common problem with logging in for the first time is entering your email address rather than your username.

Your username should be your full name.

If you’ve tried that, and it’s still not working, email Kate McNab, kate@culture24.org.uk and she will help you out.

I keep getting an ‘access denied’ error

This is because we’ve locked off all the main links to the rest of the website when you’re in DDE, to keep your information safe while you’re in the secure DDE section. The links you can use (only those to do with your profile/s) are in red and black.

If this doesn’t help, please email us and we’ll help you sort the problem out.

I have received my activation email but the link has expired

No worries. Email kate@culture24.org.uk to get another activation email.

I used to use DDE but now can’t access it – why isn’t my username and password working?

We changed our systems over in the spring of 2011, so everyone has a new username and password, based on their name rather than the institution they work at. If you’re having any problems email us and we will help you out.

Quick caveat – IE6 and Java

Internet Explorer 6  will not work with our systems. We’ve tried to get it to play nice, but it’s a very old dog in browser terms. We’re sorry about this, but you can upgrade or change browsers for free, and we will happily talk you through the process.

We use Java to run our system, so it’s worth keeping on top of your updates when it prompts you. We’re happy to talk you through this too.

I think I broke it

Don’t panic! Drop an email to kate@culture24.org.uk and she will help you out.