The Culture24 network of museums, galleries, libraries, archives, arts organisations and heritage sites is the most comprehensive database of its kind in the UK. To find out how and why to get involved, read on…

What is the network?

Our network consists of the 6,500-plus museums, galleries, archives, libraries and heritage sites that contribute their information to our Direct Data Entry (DDE) database – the backbone of everything we do.

What is the network for? To promote the work of museums, galleries, archives and heritage sites in the UK, digitally, to the widest possible audience.

How do we do this?  We put your information on our award winning websites and we give it to other people (like , , and more) to publish on their websites, apps and other services too. We build it into campaigns like Museums at Night and we advocate for you on the basis of the brilliant things you do.

What can you do? Keep your DDE entry up to date with all the latest information on your venue, events, exhibitions, collections and resources. Also, send us your press releases and news so we can write about you on our new website Museum Crush.

What does it cost? We offer our listings aggregation service to publicly funded and non-profit cultural venues at no charge.

What are the terms and conditions? We trust our network and our publishing partners to respect this valuable information source so keep rules and restrictions to a minimum. You can read our (short!) DDE providers Ts&Cs here and Ts&Cs for Data sharing (consumers) here.


Why you should use DDE:

* You’ll have a highly visible online profile within Culture24′s authoritative and national cultural data set

* You’ll reach culture-loving audiences via our Museum Crush and Show Me websites.

* You’ll see your events and other details appear on a growing network of partner channels and audiences, including the Imperial War Museum’s Centenary Partnership; Art UK  and

* You’ll receive a network newsletter

* You’ll benefit from our knowledge and expertise, based on a solid decade of producing and distributing digital content in the arts and heritage sectors

AND you get an easy-to-use data entry interface with friendly support.


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