Let’s Get Real conference 2014: Is your content fit for purpose?

Tickets are on now on sale with a limited number of first come first served £99 deals still available  

Why Bother?

Do you work in or with a cultural organisation? Are you trying to get to know your audience better? Do you think you could use digital tactics more effectively? Do you value learning from other sectors and want to gain insights into user behaviours, understand what to measure and how to demonstrate impact? If the answer is yes then this event is for you. Spend the day hearing from Brooklyn Museum, The Guardian, V&A, NixonMcInnis, C4 and more, networking with others in the same boat, sharing, listening, interrogating and getting real about digital in an honest (Culture24) way. The day will help you explore ways to understand more about your audiences and start making sure your content is fit for *your* purpose.


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And this year we have a special pre-conference social event on Wednesday 17th September, join us for the Church of Fail, find out why it’s just fine to ‘fess up to your sins and still feel good about yourself.

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Some nice things people said about previous Let’s Get Real conferences

“Really enjoyed it. It’s good to have a conference that takes a cross-sectoral approach to these issues”

“Re-evaluating and re-imagining our digital output now seems less daunting and easier to implement…even if we fail a few times on the way!”

“Really useful, great to have a wide range of people talking & personally found it inspiring
being around such knowledgeable people”

“Worth the trip from Sweden, but could have been even better. Collaborative processes like these are really important in the museum world”

“It was an incredible day!”

“I felt that the atmosphere was really friendly and it all felt laidback and not stressy which helped me to settle in” 

“Thanks for organising such a fantastic event!”

“More please”

The Twitter hashtag is #LGR2014