Volunteering for Culture24

There are three tiers of volunteering available at Culture24, each involving a different level of commitment.

All aim to offer the volunteer the experience of working in a coordinating organisation spanning the arts and heritage sector, with a view to developing their network and skills to make them more employable in future.

Supervision and support will be provided throughout all placements.

1) Casual work experience

This informal unpaid opportunity is short-term, i.e. for up to one week, casual and focused around a single project. The volunteer can leave at any time.

2) Editorial volunteer placement

This unpaid opportunity is short-term, lasting between one week and three months, and flexible to fit around the volunteer’s other work or study responsibilities. The aim is to be mutually beneficial and could see the volunteer building up their writing portfolio or assisting with a range of tasks. The volunteer can leave at any time. At the end of the placement, there will be a performance appraisal with the placement supervisor.

3) Internship

This paid position is medium-term and involves regular hours and completion of deliverables. The internship will commence with a signed contract and clear written statement of expectations. There will be a trial period and review mid-way through the process. At the end of the internship, there will be a final face-to-face performance appraisal with the internship mentor.

Sorry, there are no internships available at the moment.


At the end of a volunteer placement or internship, the volunteer’s supervisor will offer to provide references when approached by prospective employers, and offer such assistance as may be possible to support the volunteer in achieving their academic or career objectives, i.e. suggesting job vacancies.

All internships will be recruited in accordance with our Equal Opportunities policy:

Culture24 encourages applications from any individual, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, disability, religious belief, sexual orientation or age. All applications will be considered on merit.