Rosie Clarke

My role: I’m Campaigns Officer at Culture24 with special responsibility for the Museums at Night festival. If you’re interested in taking part in Museums at Night, I’m the friendly first point of contact. I also edit our behind-the-scenes blog about Museums at Night.

Every day is different: I could be sharing tips and advice, both online and in person at events; devising promotional resources and PR toolkits; recording instructional videos; seeking out guest posts or writing email newsletters. I work closely with Project Manager Nick Stockman, and look after our festival interns. I also help with a variety of other projects, such as promoting conferences.

My background: After studying English and Drama in the UK and the US, I travelled the world for several years doing a wide variety of jobs in many different countries. My favourite aspects of these jobs involved using my creative and communications skills, particularly writing, editing and helping others. At Culture24 I get to combine all of these things while working in the arts and heritage sector as part of a wonderful team of people.

My inspiration: In my spare time I write arts reviews for newspapers and magazines, so I’m often at gigs, author talks and dance performances. I grew up in a Roman town and find archaeology fascinating, along with any kind of literary history. I love getting out of the office and meeting people – costume makers, historical re-enactors or sound artists attempting to influence my dreams. I love anything different in a museum or gallery.

When the chips are down and the pressure is on, the Australian singer-songwriters, Icelandic folk music and Dolly Parton on my headphones gives way to Motorhead and Yngwie Malmsteen.