Jane Finnis

My role: As Chief Executive I am responsible for the overall leadership, development and direction of Culture24. I spend a lot of my time dealing with policy and strategy issues both for the cultural sector as a whole and Culture24 as a business. I lead our research work about online evaluation and the Museums at Night campaign. I also work internationally with other partners similar to Culture24 and often speak about what we do at conferences around the world.

My background: I have a cross-disciplinary degree and studied art, film, video and music. When I was at school there were no computers and your social network was your street. Before Culture24, I ran an arts organisation for 10 years called Lighthouse. While I was there the web was born and changed the way we did everything. Before Lighthouse I used to make a lot of Super 8 films, write poetry and play in a band. I still sing and perform whenever I can. I blog about my thoughts on digital, culture and learning at www.janefinnis.co.uk

My inspiration: I try and keep track of what is happening in the online world – commercially and creatively and I get inspired by things that make me think differently, feel more connected or make me laugh. I don’t like bureaucracy and believe that people should never be afraid to admit they are wrong (it’s only when you won’t admit it that you are really in trouble). I seem to be continuously interested in the gaps and overlaps between different areas of practice and the ways in which technology can completely change the way we think, play or do things.

If I am in another city I always visit a museum or gallery and find a café to sit in (preferably with wifi). I spend my downtime with my two kids and my husband and I love the Mediterranean sun, Japanese food and actual newspapers printed on paper. I am a big fan of enjoying life.