Ben Miller

My role: I’m a staff writer for which means I’m part of an excellent team of writers in a small but highly productive office in Brighton. I believe we bring some of the best arts and culture going on in the UK to our readers while supporting galleries, museums and organisations as energetically (Mondays notwithstanding) as we can.

My background: I’ve worked on newspapers and magazines and in online arts before and ever since completing my degree in journalism. It’s a privilege and a joy to write about creative people, largely because of my own love for the arts and also because it guarantees there’s always something to enjoy reporting on every day.

My inspiration: The people I talk to and meet and the places I go to are always inspiring, whether it’s coming face-to-face with a Roman skeleton in Cumbria or hopping on and off the Tube to meet artists around London. In literary terms there’s no doubt I have something to learn from all writers, but particularly those who evoke a sense of place and occasion beyond their own experience – to name five I currently eulogise: Henry James, Angela Carter, Hugh McIlvanney, Howard Jacobson and Alexis Petridis.