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Culture24 is an independent charity that brings arts and heritage organisations closer to audiences.  We are a small and dynamic team of writers, thinkers, producers and publishers who love arts and culture, understand digital and believe that cultural organisations have a vital place in a better world.

We are best known for publishing great websites about culture; producing the successful Museums at Night festival of after-hours openings, leading collaborative action research projects Let’s Get Real, GIFT and One by One. We also aggregate and share data about thousands of cultural events exhibitions and venues with a range of partners.

Our vision is for a thriving and relevant cultural sector able to connect meaningfully with audiences of today. Our mission is to support arts & heritage organisations to have the confidence, imagination and skills to make this happen.

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Culture24 has published a three-part study focusing on the role and impact of Museum Lates on the night-time economy.

A Culture of Lates’, funded by Arts Council England focuses on the UK, ‘An International Culture of Lates’ produced by Nicholas Stockman and supported by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, takes an international perspective and the Late Like A Local’ report sponsored by Airbnb, studies the role Lates’ play in cultural tourism.

All the reports, and an Executive Summary, are available to download for free and access to the rich range of charts, maps, reports and data that inform the research is available by emailing LatesResearch@culture24.org.uk.

Announcing ‘One by One’ - national digital literacy building project


‘One by One’ aims to help UK museums of any size better define, improve, measure and embed the digital literacy of their staff and volunteers in all roles and at all levels.

This collaborative 30 month national project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and is led by The University of Leicester in partnership with Culture24, together with a range of museums, strategic sector agencies and other academic partners.

Find out more here. 

Researching ‘Lates’ and their impact on the cultural night-time economy


Culture24 is carrying out the first national and international study of Lates ever undertaken. With funding from Arts Council England, in partnership with Airbnb and with support from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust this nine month project is studying  the current and potential impact of Lates on the night-time economy.

We are consulting widely with the sector to get insights into issues affecting museums, galleries, heritage sites, visitors, tourism organisations and local and regional administrators. Find out more.


Museum Crush

Museum Crush logo

A brand new, highly visual website and weekly email digest celebrating the objects, collections and stories to be found inside museums and galleries, www.MuseumCrush.com is replacing www.culture24.org.uk.

Got a great story about your collections you’d like us to cover? Download our guide to Museum Crush for press officers.

Join the Museum Crush mailing list here to get exciting stories once a week.  


Culture24 joins the Happy Museum Project


We are pleased to be amongst the first 15 Affiliates of the Happy Museum Project that were announced in January 2017. The Affiliate Scheme is a peer learning network which will form a supportive and collaborative group in which to share practice and build learning.

Becoming an Affiliate Partner allows us to help museums better understand how to embrace digital technologies to meet the principles advocated for by The Happy Museum. We want to learn how to build the values of Happy Museum into all our work and thinking, and ultimately advocate them to the museum sector.

Download the latest Let’s Get Real report – Phase 4 ‘What’s the Story?

LGR4 report cover


Are you are struggling with digital change, or want to build your digital capacity and skills? Then this is the report for you.

Detailing phase 4 of our dynamic action research Let’s Get Real, it’s packed with fantastic case studies and practical approaches to developing a coherent story online that audiences can engage with.

Make yourself a cup of tea, find a comfy place to sit and get stuck in

You can download it here and please consider making a donation of £5 if you can afford it. This will help us fund more of this kind of research to help the sector.



What happened at the 2016 Let’s Get Real Conference?


Culture24′s fifth national conference ‘ Let’s Get Real: Online retail and value’ took place on Thursday 27th October at the Whitworth, the University of Manchester.


Let’s Get Real 5: What’s the Brand?

Culture24 is working with 10 arts or heritage organisations on our next collaborative action research project looking at building your brand digitally. Based in the UK? Read all about the UK version. 

Based in North America?  Find out about the version for North American organisations.


What The Getty got from taking part in Let’s Get Real

Read our interview with Annelisa Stephen of The Getty, Los Angeles about her 2015 Let’s Get Real experiment and her experience of working with Culture24 and partners in North America.

Annelisa Stephen


Fit for China Project and Research Report

Fit for China report pic smaller

We are working with the British Council and Storythings on a new collaborative project aiming to develop relevant and engaging UK online cultural content for international audiences with a focus on China.

Find out more here including accessing our specially commissioned research report into the needs of Chinese audiences online.


Connect! 2016 

Connect! was our public vote competition for museums and galleries to win a contemporary artist and £3,000 for their October 2016 Museums at Night event.

The artists were Marcus Coates, Susan Hiller, Aowen Jin, Peter Liversidge, Karen Mirza & Brad Butler, and Bedwyr Williams. Find out more about their work, and their ideas for Connect! events here.


Let’s Get Real – Young Audiences

Between November 2015 and July 2016 we ran a collaborative action research project to explore how arts and heritage organisations can get better at reaching and engaging young audiences with their digital content.

LGR full group smaller

We worked with 19 arts and heritage organisations to help them better reach and engage children and young people through developing effective digital content publishing strategies based on fit for purpose tactics and skills.

Find out more about Let’s Get Real Young Audiences.



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  • “It is fantastic working with Culture24 on Cityread London as they provide effective data management solutions for the campaign”  Andy Ryan, Director, Stellar Libraries CI
  • “Culture24 is the point of call for so many of us when thinking about online communications.”  Tim Morley, Wellcome Collection
  • “Re-evaluating and re-imagining our digital output now seems less daunting and easier to implement”  Let's Get Real conference delegate
  • “Museums at Night is a fantastic event, and has helped us reach new audiences, and interpret our building in a different way.”  Museum professional
  • “It's vital everyone understands the difference Culture24 make. This sort of exposure can't be achieved by smaller museums alone”  Sarah Priestley, Watford Museum
  • “It's vital everyone understands the difference Culture24 makes. This sort of exposure can't be achieved by smaller museums alone”  Museum Professional

Culture24 on Twitter